What is SEEiT?

SEEiT is an easy way to directly connect you with the TV and entertainment content you love, through social media and digital ads Unlike the traditional method of switching devices, searching for and locating content, SEEiT provides access to multiple viewing options all in one, seamless interface to watch on your favorite device (play in an app, on TV, record to DVR or set a Reminder for later).

How can I use SEEiT?

Click SEEiT in social media posts from your favorite celebrities, shows and channels. If a show or movie is currently available, you can choose to watch it right away either on your mobile device through a programmer or your Charter TV or XFINITY TV app. If you’re a Charter or XFINITY video subscriber and don't want to watch the show right away, you can record that episode or the whole series to your DVR. You can do all of this right from SEEiT.

If I'm not an XFINITY or Charter video subscriber, will I still be able to use SEEiT?

Absolutely. With SEEiT, every user is able to view shows on their mobile device or laptop, if they are available through a programmer app.

Can I see every show I want through SEEiT?

Right now we have hundreds of shows that are SEEiT-enabled, and we add more every month. We're actively working with other programmers to bring more of your favorite shows to our platform. If you don’t see your favorite show on SEEiT, feel free to contact us via the “Contact” link on www.see.it.

What do I do when I see a SEEiT button on a display ad or a SEEiT link on social media for a show I like?

Click the button or link to go to that show’s page on SEEiT. You can choose to watch it right away (if it is on right then) and available through a programmer or video service provider’s app, catch up on previous episodes, or even set a reminder for upcoming episodes.

Can I use the SEEiT URL to tell my friends about shows or movies I like to watch?

You can share the SEEiT URL for a show or movie, just like you would any other content on the Web – by e-mailing it, sharing it on social media, or posting it to your website or blog. For example: the URL www.see.it/thevoice, when posted on a website or social media site, will link users directly to that show page on SEEiT. You can find the full list of SEEiT-enabled shows and the corresponding URLs on our website at www.see.it/allshows.

What do I do when I see a SEEiT “Get a Reminder” button for a show I like?

Click the button and you’ll be taken to the Reminder page for that show. All you have to do is enter your mobile number, enter the confirmation code sent to you via text, and then you’ll receive a text 15 minutes before each new episode airs throughout the entire season.

For Xfinity & Charter users: Does SEEiT offer me any added features?

Right now some features, such as watching live on your TV or recording to your DVR, are only available to Charter TV and XFINITY TV subscribers. However, we're working with more partners and hope to have more to announce soon.

How do I learn more?

Please contact us here.

How can I become a SEEiT partner?

Contact us here, and our partner team will reach out to you.