What is SEEiT?

SEEiT is for people who want to keep up with the shows, movies, and celebrities they love, through social media. SEEiT is the direct way to connect with the content everyone is talking about. Unlike the traditional method of switching devices, searching for and locating content, SEEiT provides multiple viewing options all in one, seamless interface (Play on TV, in an app, or record to DVR for later).

How do I use SEEiT on Twitter?

Click SEEiT in Tweets from your favorite celebrities, shows and channels. If a show or movie is currently available on XFINITY TV, you can choose to watch it right away either on your TV or through an app. If you don't want to watch the show right away, you can record that episode or the whole series to your DVR. You can do all of this right from SEEiT.

If I'm not an XFINITY TV Subscriber, will I still be able to use SEEiT?

If you are not an XFINITY TV Subscriber, you may still be able to view certain shows on your mobile device through a third-party app, like a programmer's app. Right now some features, such as watching live on your TV or recording to your DVR, are only available to XFINITY TV Subscribers. However, we're working with other partners and hope to have more to announce soon.

Will SEEiT be available to other social networking websites, services, and apps?

Right now, SEEiT is only on Twitter. We are talking to other social networking websites, services, and apps so you will be able to use SEEiT in other places soon.

Can I see every show I want through SEEiT?

Right now we have a partnership with NBCUniversal and its family of channels. We're working with other programmers and channels to bring you more of your favorite shows.

Can I use the SEEiT button to tell my friends about shows or movies I watch?

If someone that you follow uses SEEiT in their Tweet, you can Retweet and share the SEEiT button with your friends.

What will happen when non-XFINITY TV Subscribers click on the SEEiT button?

If you don't have XFINITY TV, you may still have the ability to view certain shows on mobile devices through third-party apps, like the NBC network app. We are also working with programming partners to provide a link to their website for additional content.

How do I learn more?

Please contact us here.

How can I become a SEEiT partner?

Contact us here, and our partner team will reach out to you.