What is SEEiT?

SEEiT is a free service that makes it easy to search, discover, collect, watch and record TV shows and movies.

SEEiT connects you directly with the TV and entertainment content you love. You can find SEEiT embedded features on social media and entertainment sites, then watch, collect your shows and movies into a Watchlist, record, or set Reminders and never miss a moment. SEEiT helps you know exactly when and where to find your favorite entertainment and enjoy it on your favorite device (phone, tablet, PC or television).

Between cable service subscriptions and a gazillion different TV and movie subscription services, deciding what to watch these days can be really confusing. There is a vast variety of different TV shows and movies, not to mention it seems every TV channel has an app. With so many options, the whole process is overwhelming! Well, SEEiT is here to help!

With SEEiT, you can add TV shows and movies to your Watchlist, then we tell you when and where you can watch. Every day, SEEiT will build you a personalized Watchlist, providing you the most relevant shows and movies to watch for that day. Just in case you’re busy, we’ve also built in Text Message Reminders, so you can sign up to get a reminder 15 minutes before a show airs.

What are text message reminders?

Reminders are a great way for you to remember when your favorite shows are on. If you sign up for a reminder, SEEiT will send you an SMS 15 minutes before the show is on.

How do I set up a reminder?

There are 3 ways you can set up reminders

1. You can go to any SEEiT Show Page (see.it/thevoice) and click on the reminder icon (it’s the clock icon). You may also notice a Reminders Icon (the clock) available on some of your favorite network show pages. For example on http://www.usanetwork.com, the SEEiT Reminders feature is available for all shows.

2. You can go to your Added list and turn on or off reminders for any of your shows. All you have to do is click the little clock icon. When it is pink, your reminder is set.

3. Text “REM” and the title of a TV show or movie to SEEiT (73348) and we’ll set a reminder. (E.g. text “REM The Voice” to set a reminder for The Voice and you’ll receive a text 15 minutes before each new episode airs.)

How can I add shows to my SEEiT Watchlist via text message?

When someone tells you about a cool new TV show, text the title of the show to SEEiT (73348) and it we will add it to your Watchlist.

For example, text The Voice to SEEiT (73348) and SEEiT will respond with a confirmation text that The Voice has been added to your Watchlist.

What is the Watch tab on the see.it page and how does it work?

SEEiT reviews the shows and movies you’ve added to your Watchlist and determines what’s on tonight, which recent episodes are On Demand, and which movies are newly free, for rent or for sale. Then we show you the best options in a smartly sorted list, so it’s easy for you to choose what to watch.

Can I find every show or movie I want with SEEiT?

We have thousands of SEEiT-compatible television episodes and movies and we add more every month. We're actively working with additional programmers to bring more of your favorite shows to SEEiT. If you don’t see your favorite show on SEEiT, let us know by contacting us at support@see.it

What do I do when I see a SEEiT “Set a Reminder” button or link for a show I like?

SEEiT reminders can be set from links on social media sites, on various TV websites, or by visiting the SEEiT show page (for example, see.it/batesmotel). All you have to do is click a SEEiT URL (see.it/thevoice) or Reminder Button (the little clock) and you’ll be taken to the Reminder page for that show. Once you enter your mobile number, verify it with a confirmation code sent to you via text, you’ll then receive a text reminding you 15 minutes before each new episode airs, or choose to set a reminder for a single episode. It’s up to you!

If I’m not a Comcast XFINITY or Charter Spectrum TV Customer, will SEEiT still work for me?

Absolutely! With SEEiT, every user is able to search and browse for shows and movies, collect shows on their Watchlist, and use the Watch Tab to decide what to watch.

Does SEEiT offer any additional features for Comcast XFINITY and Charter Spectrum TV Customers?

Yes, in addition to the above, XFINITY TV and Charter Spectrum TV Customers can use SEEiT to remote tune or play a TV show or movie to their cable box or set recordings on their DVR.

Simply pick a show or movie and SEEiT tells you what time it’s on and the network it’s on. Then you can tune or play it on your cable box, or set recordings on your DVR! It’s like using your PC or mobile device as a remote control!

Can I use a SEEiT URL link to recommend a TV show or movie to my friends?

Yes, you can share a SEEiT link for a show or movie just like you share anything else on the Web – by e-mailing it, sharing it on social media, or posting it to your website or blog.

For example, the URL see.it/thevoice will link users directly to that show page on SEEiT.